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Friday, October 16, 2015

Project #8 - MOAR 40k Admech Skitarii Rangers - Complete

I got some additional motivation and decided to complete my ten man Skitarii Rangers unit by finishing the second five man block.  If you visit my blog with any regularity, the rest of this post is going to look very familiar.

I primed the last dude and let them dry a little.  It was pretty hot and windy outside today, which is basically perfect conditions for a primer coat to dry almost immediately.

I started with a dry brush of Leadbelcher on all of the appropriately metallic looking bits.

I then based the coats with Xereus Purple.  On a side note, I tend to use a lot of cool, dark colors.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  The first is that I like them.  The second is more important.  They're easy.  The human eye is awesome at seeing red and green.  The human eye is not good at seeing blue or combinations thereof.  Purple and blue are both forgiving.  If I were painting the coats green, I'd have to do a much better job at getting a smooth coat.

After the Xereus Purple, I did a quick highlight of Genestealer Purple.  This mainly makes the hoods pop as well as the corners of the coat.  Without this highlight, the models look a little flat on the battlefield.

The appropriate bits were picked out in Balthasar Gold.  It's not really important that the models all have the same bits picked out.  The idea is just to provide an accent color.  This color is nice for these guys since that old coppery color works well for the clockwork nature of the models.  If I was really motivated, which I'm not, I would do a turquoise patina to make the copper bits look old and corroded.  Not really worth it for this army.

The eyes and lenses are picked out in Moot Green for a little contrast.

The basing gets the standard Rhinox Hide...

...Steel Legion Drab...

...and Flayed One Flesh dry brush treatment...

...with Steel Legion Drab rims.

And of course, the models are finished off with tufts of Mordheim Turf.  I think I'm going to need to buy more of this stuff soon.  I've been using a lot of it lately.

Here is the newly painted five dudes hanging out with the five I recently painted.  this completes the ten man Skitarii Rangers unit.  The pointing guy is the Prime.  I didn't really see any point in giving him upgraded weaponry.  In my experience, you're almost always better off having a longer range gun than a pistol.  Also, upgraded melee weaponry seems silly.  If these guys are being assaulted, I've already lost them.

And here is a group shot showing the entire army.  On deck I have another box of Rangers/Vanguard that will probably be assembled as a five Rangers and five Vanguard.  I'm dong this so I can take advantage of the fact that I'll be able to put two special weapons in each five man unit.

I'll probably pull my light box out soon and take some higher quality shots of the individual units.  I like to post the better quality versions on various forums.