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Monday, August 29, 2016

Age of Sigmar Opening Salvo Tournament

On September 17th, I'll be participating in a 1,000 point, three round tournament using the relatively new General's Handbook Matched Play system.  It'll be taking place at Showcase Comics in Swarthmore, PA.  If you're local and interested, here is the link to the Facebook event...

I don't own all that many Fantasy models, having been somewhat put off by  the original Age of Sigmar release and how unplayable it felt with only the "try to be nice to each other" balancing mechanism.  I did buy one of the starter boxes and swap the Khorne half for more Stormcast Eternals, but never did much in the way of assembly or painting.  I also have some High Elf stuff left over, but it's in about the same shape.

Hence, this is my army...

Looks pretty, right?  I have a little over two weeks to get this box of random crap into fighting shape.  The intention is to have everything assembled and primed by Wednesday the 31st.  That will get me 16 days before the 17th.  Stormcast Eternals are mostly flat armor, so if I can come up with a dark color scheme, I should be in pretty good shape.  Dark schemes are easy to paint quickly as they don't show the same sorts of issues as light schemes.

I predict you'll be seeing more of this army over the next two weeks.