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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Star Wars X-Wing - First Games Played

Full disclosure...  I tried starting X-Wing at one point in the past and hated it.  I hated it mainly because at that time, I needed to buy an $80 model to get a single upgrade card I needed.  FFG is much better about making upgrades available in a variety of places.  Spending $15 on an expansion you might use is far better than spending $80 on one you know you won't use.

Anyways, I decided to give it another go and bought a couple of things to play with.  I'm a fan of the various TIE starfighter aesthetics, so I just bought a random assortment of Imperial stuff to see what I liked.

I bought a Force Awakens Starter, Imperial Aces, Imperial Veterans, an extra Interceptor, a Bomber and a Punisher.  I had a bit of credit to use, so that wasn't nearly as expensive as it sounds.

I loved it.  Seriously.  I ended up playing two games.  I lost the first overwhelmingly.  I won the second by a landslide.  I loved both.  I think the Interceptor is my favorite to work with so far.  Normally, a ship can take only one action after a movement, but the Push the Limit card allows any Pilot with an Elite upgrade slot to take a second free action.  I was able to barrel roll and boost to pull off maneuvers like the below over and over.

Rolling out of an opponent's firing arc and lining up a perfect shot when they thought they had you cold is extremely satisfying.

I think I'm going to end up using Soontir Fel, one of the unique Interceptor Pilots, kitted out as below in my next battle.

I'll take some pictures once I have the new list set up and all worked out.  Soontir's ship above is only 35 points.  I need to come up with another 65 points as 100 is the standard size for this game.  I'm debating on just throwing in another two Interceptors with a few upgrades each and calling it a day.  Alternatively, I could go for something more fun like Phantoms or even have Soontir and one other Interceptor escorting a Bomber or Punisher.

So many options!!!