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Monday, January 26, 2015

Game Swap

I'm writing this post ahead of time because I know I won't have time to write one Sunday night.  I'm headed to the Showcase Comics Game Swap in Swarthmore, PA on Sunday (which will be yesterday when this post goes live).  It's sort of like an auction, except that it's not one.

Gamers bring in tons of stuff and the store does a sort of combination auction/buy it now event and if you win something, you pay the store, they give the seller store credit and you get some new stuff to work on.

The plan is to pick up whatever Necron stuff is available, plus whatever else catches my eye.  You pretty frequently find hidden gems during these events.  It sort of depends though...  several eBay resellers show up and they snap up  the good stuff pretty quick.

Hopefully my next post will have a run down of the awesome stuff I won.  Wish me luck!