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Monday, January 12, 2015

Some (Hopefully) Exciting New Things - Mold Making and Casting

I went out to my local Michaels store this evening and made a purchase that I've been toying with for quite some time.  The efforts of a friend of mine finally kicked me into gear on this.  I purchased some Alumilite mold making goo and a box of pourable resin.

Alumilite Casting Resin and Pourable Mold Material

But, what am I planning on casting?

Canoptek Scarab Swarms...  aka, Subject Alpha for Project Clone-a-Bug

These guys!  I have 16 of these currently made up and I'm looking to run a huge Canoptek themed army.  To do so will require three full units of 10 Scarabs with a compliment of 9 Spyders.  I'll hopefully be generating 9 additional bases per turn, so I'm going to needs tons of these things.  I think this will work, but might have to cast the bases and the Scarabs separately.  We'll see how this turns out.  I've talked to several people about casting and the general consensus seems to be that bases are the easiest thing to cast.  My plan is to do a "temple" themed set also.  I'll make up 5-10 each of the various size bases.  The goal is to do something like the below, but with more "tech debris" and maybe some tile work.

Step 1 is to make some "test bases" with no undercuts that I think will be easy to cast.  My goal is to have those complete by Wednesday with a test mold and test pours done by Friday.  Hopefully it'll be a productive week of casting fun.

Work in Progress Killa Kans - just to show off the bases.

Work in Progress Killa Kans - base detail.
The Killa Kans themselves are a work in progress that I sort of got distracted from.  My goal is to eventually make a full Ork Mech/Grot army with no real Boyz at all.  The Troops with all be feral Grots and the HQs will all be Meks of various kinds.  I think I can convert everything else to be Grot related including Grot Tanks, etc. from Forgeworld.


  1. Well...this sounds tremendous! I was thinking about casting some scarabs, but ended up buying 30-odd from a bitz seller online. Sheer laziness! Those Ork guys look pretty cool too, nice colour scheme! Hope you're feeling better now!

  2. Feeling so much better now!

    The Scarabs are actually just a convenient test case. I can definitely use more, but they're basically just bases with little plastic bits on them. They're supposedly an easy starter item for the new caster.

    The end goal is to 3D print my own creations/bitz and make multiple for my armies.