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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Necrons Incoming!

Mixed feelings.  Looks like a new Codex, a single new clampack Plastic Overlord and...  nothing else.  I'm sure there will be new formations and what not in the Codex, but I was really hoping for a new Destroyer Kit or something.  Anything.  Oh well.  At least we're getting a clampack.  Grey Knights got a steaming pile of less than nothing as units were taken away.

Also, we're getting this for about 165 USD.  It's actually a pretty solid deal with models just about everyone can use.  Ten bucks says there's a new formation called "The Tomb Awakened".


  1. I find myself actually wanting to buy this army box - despite having at least one of everything in it already! What do you think about there being no Warriors in the box, but two lots of Immortals? Are we getting an updated kit (finally!), do you think?

    I'm half sure I read a rumour back in November/early December that says Necrons will be in a campaign later in the year (August maybe), with new kits coming then. Whether that actually means it'll happen, though...

  2. The kit is actually a pretty solid one. I do like that it has the two boxes of Immortals. Remember that they're a dual kit and can also be assembled as Deathmarks. The Triarch Praetorians can be assembled as Lychgard.

    To be honest, I'd probably do two blocks of Immortals and then use the Deathmark heads mixed with the Praetorians box to make 5 assorted Crypteks and Lords.

    I don't think we'll see new Warriors at this point, but excepting something completely new, I think the Destroyers, Warriors and Monolith will be the next models to be replaced. I think they're the only ones left that use the green rods. I'm sure GW will look to phase those out sooner than later.

    And I'd love to see new models released with a campaign book like they did with 'Nids. That would be awesome.