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Friday, January 30, 2015


I literally cannot think of anything hobby related while I wait.  This happens every time there is an impending release.

I should have the new Codex: Necrons in hand at some point later today.  I can't wait.  The plan is to read, read, read over the weekend and come up with a solid 1500 point list using what I have and what I picked up from the auction last week.

Then...  a schedule.

It worked great for me when I built my Farsight Bomb Tau army.  I planned a list and painted 1500 points worth of models in 2 months.  It was tough, but it happened.  The Necrons scheme I'm using is a little tougher, and might take longer, but should still be doable if I stick to a schedule.

Until then, I found this online somewhere.  Awesome piece of fanart.  This would make a great forum avatar.