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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

War Bands, Week 2 Expansion

After finishing our first week of War Bands gaming, we all rolled off for additional points.  The way we do this is as follows.  We roll a D6 and add 1 to the result if we have more victories than losses.  On a 1, you get 50 points to add to your army.  On a 2-5, you get 75 points and on a 6, you get 100.  If you have more losses than wins, you get a bonus D3*10 points.  The idea is that if one army keeps losing, it should keep getting a few bonus points each week to try and balance things out.  If the army starts winning, it stops getting bonus points.

I had more losses than wins, so got the bonus points.  I rolled a 6 for the first roll, giving me 100 points.  I then rolled a 3 on the second roll, which is a D3 result of 2 and got another 20 points.  120 points is a fantastic result.  From week 1, I had 20 points 'in the bank', so this gave me 140 points to spend.  I decided to spend 100 points on a Stormfiend equipped with Warpfire Throwers.  The remaining 40 points went back 'in the bank' for week 3.

The Stormfiend is a spectacular looking model.  I never thought I'd be playing an elite Skaven force, but here it is.  My plan is to try to get these models painted up in a relatively short period of time.  I'm not sure how I'm going to paint them yet.  I'll probably spend some time researching Skaven paint schemes.  I'm just not sure how best to handle the skin and fur.  I'm good with human skin, but not animal skin.

Also, this weird little stunted rat in a harness on the Stormfiend's back is super weird.  Reminds me of Total Recall.  OPEN YOUR MIIIINNNNNDDDDD...