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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kickstarter Games... SOON

I know I mention Kickstarter games every once in awhile on this blog.  Several of them are getting CLOSE.  Here are a couple of updates, mainly because I had to read through a million comments to figure out when things are showing up.

Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia...

This game is supposed to have production and factory packing complete by around the time this post goes up.  At that point, things get shipped to distribution hubs throughout the world and then into my greedy hands.

Arcadia Quest: Inferno...

This game is actually at the same point as Masmorra.  It should be finished production and prepping for shipment to distribution hubs this week.  It looks like I'll be getting Masmorra and Arcadia Quest at about the same time.  That's actually pretty awesome since all the Masmorra heroes can be used in Arcadia Quest.

Rail Raiders...

This game is waiting for a production proof to be completed.  Once that happens, production goes into full effect with distribution hub shipping shortly thereafter.  Honestly, I'm kinda meh on this one.  The game looked ok, but I mainly got it for the miniatures.

I am not a patient man.  These things need to hurry up.