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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Motivation Comes from Weird Places

Evidently, I'm not allowed to be mopey and take a blog vacation.  My wife asked me today if I was updating my blog every day.  I said...  um, no...  Wednesday didn't get a post.  That was the wrong answer.  So, now I have to write something.

I'm going to write about this cool Hinterlands Campaign thing I ran across on DakkaDakka.  It's another take on the war bands campaign thing.

Here's the link...

The guy did an amazing job,  Looks like it's still a work in progress, but it's fleshed out enough to use now.  I think I might try to talk my friends into giving it a try.  I really like how the missions involve running around trying to get treasure and experience.  I like that there is an option to just run away so your models don't die.  Any model that dies during a given mission has to roll on a critical wound table at the end.  On a 1, the model is slain permanently and removed from the battle field.  I like that there's a mechanism for killing models and limiting the growth of the war band.

I'd definitely recommend giving it a read.  The production value, if nothing else, is insane.