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Monday, February 13, 2017

Destiny - Spirit of Rebellion Spoilers

Looks like Team Covenant spoiled a few more cards.  Sweet.  I love this game.

First up, we have a couple of spoiled characters.  It looks like Darth Vader is getting another version.  He's actually a pretty solid damage dealer.  He effectively has damage facings of 3, 3, 2 and 1.  The remaining facing is a discard, which is always useful.  At only 17 point for an elite version, there is room for another 13 point character.  Not bad.  Obi-wan looks interesting.  He's SUPER expensive, but seems like an ideal support character.  I doubt we'll ever see him used as an elite.  With two focus facings and death allowing a free card, it seems like a single die character is enough.

Rise Again seems like the blue Villain Second Chance.  Heal a unique blue character for 5 damage AND give him a free upgrade from your discard pile?  Sure.  That sounds amazing.  5 resources is a pretty high cost, but I would stick this in my Vader/eJabba deck right now.  Any deck that can generate resources will love this.

Last up is a Battlefield.  Being able to prevent a character die from rolling is useful, but not amazing.  We'll see how this one stands up to the other Battlefields in the set.

Can't wait to see more...