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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wrath of Kinds - Initial Nasier Build

I was able to sit down and spend a little time with my new Wrath of Kings Starter Box that finally came in.  I will say that the models are pretty nice.  My intention was to put together only the two Specialist models as I had very little time, but as you'll see, the models are super quick to assemble.

First up is a Longhorn.  He came in a total of five parts.  There was no clean up involved at all.  It took all of a couple of minutes to glue the horns and arms in place.  The cork is for the base.

Next is a Rathor.  He's in far more parts, but they all slide together pretty easily.  There is a small gap at his waist that I'll need to fill in, but that's nothing compared to the mold line hell I sometimes see on other models.

I'm really digging the aesthetic of these models.  Time will tell whether or not the game is any good, but the models at least will look nice on a shelf.  I think it'll also be nice to paint something from a new company.  I've probably painted a thousand basic Bolter Marines at this point.

Given that I had plenty of time left, I decided to paint some of the basic infantry.  These are Pelegarth Bloodmasks, led by a Howl.  The Howl is a leader in the game and operates sort of like a unit sergeant, despite there not being units.  I feel that I should explain the outfit (or lack thereof).  From a gaming perspective, the mask makes the women have super hard skin that looks sort of sickly and grey...  stone skin, basically.  Armor would just get in the way, so they wear long boots and basic undies.  We'll see how this goes.  I didn't sign up to paint chubby butts and really picked the faction for the Ashmen models, who are more like heavily robed samurai.  You'll see those soon.

Again, only a few parts.

I spent maybe a total of an hour assembling these seven models.  They represent 1 rank of Leaders, 3 ranks of Infantry and 2 ranks of Specialists.  I need 2, 12 and 2, respectively, for a starter sized game.  That means more building should be coming soon.