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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wrath of Kings - Nasier Patrol List is Built

I got a little more free time for hobbying and cranked out the rest of my Nasier Patrol sized list.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but Wrath of Kings comes in three sizes...  Patrol, Skirmish and Battle.  We collectively decided to try out the Patrol size before committing to anything larger.

Since my last post, I got a Pelegarth Brutes box in from eBay.  It retails for $35, but I got it for $11 with free shipping.  The same masks that make the women into stone skinned warriors make the men into muscle bound freaks.  They're led by a demon headed Warden.

Upon opening the box, all you see is a TON of packaging.  Like...  a TON.

There is so much packaging that every model has its own factory sealed baggie.  I didn't think it as possible to be worse at over packaging than Fantasy Flight Games, but here's the proof.  The cards came in a bag, but I took them out to show that you get one card per unit, not one per model.  The cards are really just for reference.

Bot the Warden and the Brutes come with minimal parts that need to be glued on.  As with the other models, they fit together perfectly.  The one exception is that the "slot in post" on one of the brutes was a little long and needed to be trimmed down.  The box came with 2x Wardens and 6x Brutes.  The Infantry boxes seem to always come with 2 ranks of Leaders and 12 ranks of Infantry.  The Brutes are rank 2, so 12 ranks works out to 6 'roid freaks.

My Patrol sized list is now complete.  I decided to stick with the Pelegarth theme and see where it takes me.  The Starter comes with enough models that I can swap out for 2x rank 1 Ashmen Hakar Leaders and 12x rank 1 Ashmen Swordsmen, leaving the Specialists alone.  I like how many different army styles you can field with a relatively low dollar investment.

  • Leaders
    • 1x Pelegarth Howl (Rank 1)
    • 1x Pelegarth Warden (Rank 1)
  • Infantry
    • 3x Pelegarth Brutes (Rank 2)
    • 6x Pelegarth Bloodmasks (Rank 1)
  • Specialist
    • 1x Longhorn (Rank 1)
    • 1x Rathor (Rank 1)

The Specialists...

The Brutes and their Warden Leader...

The Bloodmasks and their Howl Leader...

I'm pretty psyched to play a game.  I'm not sure how long it'll be until I can.  As far as modelling goes, I tend to be the guy who muscles through it the quickest.  I have two friends with Starters...  Hadross and Goritsi factions.  Hopefully we'll be able to play a learning game soon.  I'll post more as I hear more...