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Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Painted a Butt.

I don't know whether I should celebrate or cry in shame.  I painted one of the Pelegarth Bloodmasks as a test model.  I rarely paint much skin, so this was sort of a new thing.  I was surprised to find that the models are actually a lot rougher than I thought they were initially.  It was tough to get a smooth base coat in places.  All told, I think it worked out.

These are the colors I used.  I'm mainly posting this as a reference for myself, but if you want to try to replicate the effect, here you go...

The skin is a base of Ratskin Flesh, which required several watered down coats to make smooth.  It's a base, but it doesn't cover well.  I then washed with Reeikland Fleshshade.  I finished the model with a highlight of Cadian Fleshtone on all the raised areas.  I think I needed 2-3 watered down layers to get a smooth coverage.

For the base, I drybrushed Rhinox Hide, followed with Steel Legion Drab and Flayed One Flesh.  The rim is based with Steel Legion Drab.

The metal bits are just Leadbelcher washed with whatever the black wash is called...  Nuln Oil?  The red parts are Mephiston Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet.  I put a little black wash in the eye sockets to give some depth.  I did try a little Blood for the Blood God on the sword.  I'm not sold on the effect, but figured that I bought the paint...  I should use it.

It's going to take FOREVER to paint all these skin.  I don't know what I was thinking.  At least now that I have a scheme, I should be able to knock them out fairly quickly.  For the Patrol list, I only have to paint 5 more.  The Brutes are also all skin, but it's a different model, so should feel like a different painting experience.