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Friday, February 10, 2017

What next for the Iron Warriors?

I'm really up in the air on what I want to add next to my Iron Warriors list.  I have a couple of options, all of which come from Forgeworld and will be 100% resin.  Fancy, but harder to work with.  Forgeworld's quality control is a little spotty.  They have amazing customer service, but their actual product has more issues that it really should.

Here are my ideas...

First up is a basic Techmarine in Mk3 Power Armor.  This seems like a no brainer.  The Iron Warriors should have Techmarines.  I'm not sold on the head, though.  I'd probably do a little conversion work to add a snazzy helmet.

The next option is a Legion Destroyer Squad.  There's something about dual pistol wielding Marines with jet packs that makes me happy.  The weird looking weapon is a missile launcher equipped with some sort of radioactive missiles.  I need to go back and look at the rules.  The Iron Warriors are siege experts, but presumably they have squads that can get up to the battlements quick and take out opposition forces.

Last up, and most likely to be chosen is a Rapier equipped with a Quad launcher.  I think this thing basically screams Iron Warriors.  It would also be nice to paint something other than Power Armor for this army.  Seems like these can be purchased from eBay for about $30 or so.

We'll see what happens.  This would be a lot easier if GW had a US distributor for their Forgeworld line.  Ordering directly from a manufacturer in another country can be sort of a pain in the rear.