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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Massive Darkness Kickstarter

The Massive Darkness Kickstarter is looking more and more like a must buy for me.  They've been unlocking stretch goals left and right.  I tend to like these board games, but a good part of the appeal for me is the actual miniatures.  As you'll see below, the core pledge goes for $120 and has a TON of miniatures.  They're not going to be GW quality and the scale is somewhat small...  the same as Zombicide, if you're familiar with that system, but they're quite detailed and should be fun to paint.

Currently, we're sitting at 146 various miniatures included in the core pledge.  The next stretch goal to unlock will add 13 more to that number.  In fact, with 21 days to go, I'm expecting the number to climb even higher.  From a hobby dollar per hour standpoint, it's hard to beat this.  You get what looks like a pretty solid game you can play alone or with up to five of your friends PLUS 150-200 or more miniatures to paint.  What's not to love?  It's potentially hundreds of hours of entertainment for $120.

Here's what is currently included for $120...

I was going to compare the value to the various GW boxed sets, but honestly am not able to.  Getting enough for six people to enjoy a night of gaming is a very expensive proposition, easily topping $1000 if you're looking for any sort of variety.  Six different Codexes alone can run $300 or more.  That's before you're even including core rules or models.  Just thinking about what it would take to let six people play 40k convinces me even more that this sort of board game is a good investment.