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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Holy Zealots and Monolith Bearer

I just won an auction for a unit of 10 Holy Zealots and a Monolith Bearer for $27 on eBay.  That would normally be $61.98 retail, for a discount of 43.6% off retail.  Not bad.  They look to be in pretty good shape based on the below auction photo.  The Monolith Bearer looks like it might need a little work, but that's sort of a hobby non issue at this point.

This purchase leaves me with the Flameguard Cleansers w/Officer and the Vassal Mechanik yet to purchase.  Full retail is $97.97 for those, but I'm definitely not spending that much.  Full Retail for the list is $311.91.  I've spent $66.99 so far.  This has been fun with numbers.

Here is where I am with the 75 point list as of today (assuming the auction comes in the mail ok).

Malekus, the Burning Truth-30Yes
Vassal Mechanik1
Choir of Menoth6Yes
Exemplar Cinerators16Yes
Flameguard Cleansers15
Flameguard Cleanser Officer4
Holy Zealots13Yes
Monolith Bearer3Yes