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Friday, July 1, 2016

Enter the Archangel

I stopped by my buddy's house on Wednesday for a recurring homemade dinner/board game night with friends and got a huge surprise.  Here's a hint...

Evidently, he bought this back when he was playing a little bit of Warmahordes.  This guy is the Archangel Gargantuan Warbeast from the Legion of Everblight Faction.  It's sort of a hybrid between the coolest looking Tyranid Hive Tyrant you've ever seen and a roughly humanoid dragon.  Poor little Thor Steinhammer and his really sad looking flame thrower are there for scale.

The Archangel is sitting on a 120mm with raised markings denoting facing.  Unfortunately, he's sitting back a bit on the base and facing way off to one side.  The "front" indicator is actually facing directly to the left of the picture.  I should be able to pry him off the base with no problem, right?


Yeah, so that happened.  Awesome.  It's cool.  I've trained for this my entire life!  I've got plastic card, glue and a Can Do attitude!  Plus, cork and sand.  That stuff hides more mistakes than a wealthy Republican family.

This is going to be a super fun model to work with.  In terms of playing the actual game, I have no idea how it work.  It's roughly the same points value as two of the larger, non-Gargantuan Warbeasts.  I might have to give this thing a try.

Here he is, now properly facing forward and with a significantly more textured base.  Now for hours and hours of painting!