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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sprue Damage!!!! Crisis

Well, not exactly a crisis, but I got the Deathwatch Overkill box and noticed that one of the dudes has a broken gun barrel.  Now, I paid more than a dollar for this box, so I think it's reasonable to have undamaged models.  I shot an email over to good old GW.  Curious to see A. what they say and B. how long it takes to get back to me.  I'm expecting a replacement, but I don't know if they'll replace just the bits I'm missing or the whole sprue or maybe just give me an Acolyte box.  Their customer service tends to be pretty good, but sometimes they say no.

There are two identical sprues.  One is broken, one is not.  I'm being nit picky due to the cost of the kit.

Missing Gun Barrel

Complete Gun Barrel