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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Belisarius Cawl Gets Some Paint

This model is amazing.  I decided to sit down finally and paint it to match the rest of my Skitarii army.  Next, I'll probably add some Cult Mechanicus units to continue the AdMech theme.

The color scheme is as such...
1. Prime Black
2. Dry brush Leadbelcher over all the metal bits
3. Base coat the cloth in Xereus Purple
4. Highlight the cloth with Genestealer Purple
5. Base coat various bits in Balthasar Gold
6. Base coat various bits in Warpstone Glow
7. Highlight the Warpstone Glow bits with Moot Green
8. Over brush the base with Rhinox Hide
9. Dry brush the base with Steel Legion Drab
10. Light dry brush the base with Flayed One Flesh
11. Rim the base with Steel Legion Drab
12. Base coat the skin with Bugman's Glow
13. Wash the skin with Reikland Fleshshade
14. Dry brush the skin with Cadian Fleshtone

See...  simple.  Just 14 easy steps!  The entire model took maybe an hour or so to paint.  Realistically, most of what you see is a flat base coat with one highlight or a dry brush over primer.  There's very little advanced skill required for this sort of table standard.

Here he is, waiting for paint...

...and here he is with paint!  Also, I set him next to a handful of Skitarii Rangers so that you can see both the scale and how well he fits in with the rest of the army.

Here's a front and back shot by himself.

I like how the green bits add a nice spot color to the model.  I didn't add much, but without the green, the color scheme is super bland.

Proof that there's a dude in there somewhere...  Cawl still has his original left arm and hand.

I love this spider thing.  And yes, I know I forgot to paint the book.  I'll get to it.  Maybe.  The model looks fine as is.  I'll probably do a little detail work on the book, but "later".

More to come!  I'm hoping to pick up a Kataphron box in the next week or two.