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Friday, March 3, 2017

The Iron Warriors Get a New Leader

I'm really enjoying the Kill Teams campaign I've been playing in and how it's allowing me to slowly build up a fully painted Iron Warriors force.  I'm trying to keep everything with sort of a pre-Heresy vibe.  That makes things a little challenging when trying to add certain units.  I knew that I wanted to add a Psyker, but all of the Chaos models are covered in spikes.  I'm trying to avoid that.  All of the loyalist Librarians are covered in purity seals and skulls.  I'm trying to avoid that also.

Doesn't leave many options.  BUT...  I found something.

Sevrin Loth, Chief Librarian of the Red Scorpions is decked out in MkIV Power Armor, just like the majority of my painted Iron Warriors.  He also has separate shoulder pads which allows me to use basic, flat pads.  Lastly, there is surprisingly little loyalist crap.  There's only one purity seal that will need to be scraped off.

I went ahead and picked one up about a week ago and was surprised to find that it came in super quick.  I swapped out the Force Axe for a Force Stave.  I know that the Stave isn't the best option, but I think it makes the most sense for a Psyker/Librarian/Sorceror.  I also hate the book, so I swapped out for a normal backpack.

I think he's going to fit in just fine!  The goal is to get him primed up over the next couple of days and then painted up this weekend.