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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Scum Fleet Painted

I got a little bored tonight and cracked out the old paint set.  I've been enjoying flying a Scum fleet consisting of a Protectorate Fighter, 2x Quadjumpers and 2x Z-95s.  Since it's likely that I'll be using the same list (or close to it) for awhile, I decided to give them all a consistent paint job.  The pictures aren't the best, but here they are...

The list is currently 98 points, so I definitely have a little wiggle room.

Fenn Rau [Push the Limit, Concord Dawn Protector, Autothrusters] (34)
Jakku Gunrunner [Ketsu Onyo, Pattern Analyzer, Spacetug Tractor Array] (20)
Jakku Gunrunner [Intelligence Agent, Pattern Analyzer, Spacetug Tractor Array] (20)
Binayre Pirate (12)
Binayre Pirate (12)