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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Broken Token is Amazing

I ended up ordering two of the Compact Game kits from Broken Token.  The package came in on a Friday.  Unfortunately, I was only shipped one of the two that I ordered.  I sent an email to their customer service address at 5:30PM EST (GMT-5).  They're in California, so that's 2:30PM PST (GMT-8).  They responded within 30 minutes, apologizing and promising a correction.  Within an hour, I had a tracking number.  Within two hours, the USPS had acknowledged receipt of the package.  Within 48 hours, the package is marked as sitting in the local post office, awaiting delivery.  That's amazing customer service.

The item itself is pretty cool.  It took me about 10 minutes to fully assemble.  I definitely recommend using tape to hold the token container together.  They recommend glue, but tape is just easier.  I used masking tape, which more or less blends in with the balsa wood.

The box lid doesn't sit all the way down, so they include this crazy rubber band thing.  It keeps the lid in place and is pretty easy to work with.

The instructions still sit on the top with no problem.

The token container sits in the middle and slides out for use during games.  I was pretty impressed overall.  I'll definitely buy from them again in the future.  It's a shame that they don't make dividers for most of the board games I play, but I'll be paying attention to them in the future.

Broken Token gets a solid A+ rating from me!