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Monday, January 23, 2017

Heralds of Ruin - Week 1

Six of us started up a Heralds of Ruin Kill Teams campaign over the weekend.  Here's the link if you aren't familiar with Heralds of Ruin...

I decided to play using a Legiones Astartes list focused on pre-heresy Iron Warriors.  The full list is as follows...
  • Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors
  • Dark Eldar 
  • Imperial Fists
  • Tau Empire
  • Imperial Guard
  • ??? - I didn't see the last game and can't remember what was played.
My first week's game was against the Dark Eldar Kill Team.  For the first game, we're only allowed to bring 200 points.  I'm terrible with their unit names, but the army consisted of a Succubus as Team Leader, 5x Wyches and 4x of the winged dudes.  Two of the winged dudes had some sort of high powered, 18" range melta/lance gun.  As you can see, there was plenty of line of sight blocking terrain.  This helped me out.

I decided to start the game out by hiding in little out of sight pockets in the gutted out buildings.  This hiding served me well.

If the Wyches wanted to engage, they would have to run at me, out in the open.  I took a few pot shots, but the Iron Warriors are better at tearing down walls, not shooting devious, fast moving Eldar.  They made a mistake and got too close...

...which let my Tyrant Siege Master assault.  The three Wyches were part of the combat, but ran away when they lost...  right into the open where Bolter fire finished them off.  Feels no Pain doesn't do much when your head is being crushed by a Power Fist.  Also, fancy 2+ cover saves don't help when your foe can literally reach out and punch you.

The only real snag I ran into is that one lone Marine outflanked onto the "wrong" side of the table.  He walked on and thought to himself...  "does that guy have bat wings?  shit."  Did not end well.

Overall, it was a great game.  I think we both had fun despite my more or less overwhelming victory.  My opponent chose to willingly rout after losing the Succubus.  The only model I lost was my Apothecary, who ended up making a full recovery.  Two of my opponent's models suffered permanent injuries that will carry onto the rest of the campaign, but they weren't relevant.  One was -1S to a model with a 2+ Poisoned weapon.  I don't remember the other.

I got 2 Renown Points for winning.  I also got a ton of Requisition Points.  Requisition Points are what allow you to improve your secret base and to requisition new gear and troops.

I got...

  • "Took Part" - 10 points for playing
  • "Winner" - 5 points for winning
  • "Assassin" - 3 points for taking out the opposing Team Leader
  • "First Blood" - 2 points for taking out the first model
  • "Considerate Commander" - 2 points for having 3/4 of my force still alive
  • "Mission Bonuses" - an extra 2 points for taking out the opposing Team Leader AND an extra 1 point for taking out one of the specials
That's a total of 25 Requisition Points.  I decided to spend points on the following...
  • 5 points to upgrade my base from a Base Camp to a Forward Base.  This allows me to bring 250 points to games from now on.
  • 5 points to upgrade my base to include a Defensive Turret.  This allows me to place a Gun Emplacement with a Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter that auto-fires at BS2 in my deployment zone at the start of every future game.  Seemed like a good deal for 5 points.
  • 10 points to grant my 4x Legion Tactical Marine group the +1 Ballistic Skill Battle Honour.  That's a lot of points, but BS5 Bolters are actually pretty good in this gaming format.
More to come!  I have some painting to do.  I want to have my Kill Team fully painted by the time Saturday rolls around.