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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Iron Warriors - MOAR Progress!

So, I got motivated and knocked out four more of the Tactical Marines for my slowly expanding Iron Warriors army.  And by slowly expanding, I mean that it's up to five Marines total!

I decided that the previous version...

...needed a little something more.  I wasn't necessarily unhappy with the result, but it didn't pop for me.  I decided that the hazard stripes on the Boltgun were a little too much.  funny aside.  I actually type "Bolter" in that last sentence and my browser was kind enough to underline it with a red squiggle, letting me know that it's not a real word.  I automatically erased it and typed "Boltgun"...  which is also not a real word.  Sigh.  My browser's machine spirit needs to get up to speed.

ANYWAYS, I decided to scrap the hazard stripes on the weapons, paint the one shoulder pad black (which is more in keeping with the official scheme) and swap out the tan grass for some swampy, green colored grass.  I also painted the eye lenses red.  I feel that it makes them a little more menacing.  I'm much more happy with the results.

The grass I used is from  I picked it up at my local FLGS.  I like it better than the GW equivalent.